Hayford Traders


October 31, 2016

Whether you have a new car or just want your current vehicles interior to look good, car seat covers can be a smart purchase. Other than looking good, they protect your car seats from stains, rips, and general wear and tear.


Canvas Seat Covers are made of 100% natural woven cotton canvas. Our 510 gsm Endurer cotton canvas is thick, durable and fully washable.

The canvas seat cover  is Teflon coated/ ‘scotch guarded’ – which renders the material water, oil and soil repellent which allows for easy cleaning.

The 100% natural cotton is cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. It is also breathable which means the canvas allows air to pass through it which means you are less likely sweat.

Cotton canvas seat covers offer tremendous strength with the pleasant feel of cotton. The canvas is an excellent material for preventing dirt, grime and pet hair from ruining your stock upholstery. And, the cotton feels so soft and inviting that you may find yourself wearing shorts more often!

Besides seat covers, our Endurer 510 gsm cotton canvas can also be used in the manufacturing of luxury bags and accessories.

Care Tip

If the canvas is affected due to heavy staining in a specific spot, it can be

cleaned with a soft brush and warm water. Tougher stains can be cleaned with a very diluted

soap water solution of at least 20 parts water to 1 part soap. Please do not use chemicals, bleach

or harsh astringents on the canvas as it cloud affect the finishes. Care should be taken

to ensure the canvas is not dragged on rough surfaces.