Hayford Traders


October 15, 2019

Hayford Traders is extremely excited to announce that we are now stocking a full PVC range.


We have teamed up with a high-tech local factory, using customised machinery and stringent processing, only the highest quality PVC is produced. 1000m min qty order for custom orders ie: any weight, any colour. Lead time 10 days!


The range is as follows:

550 gsm 1.5m wide R 51.00 p/m ex vat:

Black, Black Matt, Light Grey, Dark Grey, White, Blue, Spec Blue, Green, Dark Green, Apple Green,

Lime, Olive, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Dark Earth Matt, Beige Matt.

550 gsm 3m wide R 102.00 p/m ex vat:

Black, Black Matt, Light Grey, Dark Grey, White, Blue, Green, Dark Green, Red, Yellow, Dark Earth Matt, Beige Matt.

600 gsm Pool Cover 3m wide R 124.00 p/m ex vat:

Blue, Grey, Beige and Dark Earth.

600 gsm Tonneau Cover R75.00 p/m ex vat:

–              600g

–              Hyper matt finish – same look as stretch on new bakkies.

–              70/30 coating ratio – improve longevity

–              Premium formulation – improve longevity

–              1.85m wide

–              30 LM per roll

700 gsm 3m wide R 126.30 p/m ex vat:

Black, Dark Grey, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange.

Ice Blue Grain Cover and Ventilation Ducting also available on request.


We also offer cut meterage on the 1.5m width 550gsm range. If there is a strong demand for cut meterage on the 3m wide, we will gladly adapt our infrastructure in order to provide this for you.

Please let us know if this would be of interest to you?

Sample books are available of the full range above. As well as comprehensive specification sheets.



Kind Regards,

Wayne Jordi