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RiptechTM Canvas Cleaner:Cleaning Products

RiptechTM canvas cleaner was developed specifically for our RiptechTM ripstop canvas. It is designed for spot cleaning tough stains such as oil or grease. The cleaner does not damage the coating nor reduce any performance qualities of the canvas. The cleaner is 100% biodegradable, Non-Flammable and Non-Toxic.

Intructions for use:

Apply RiptechTM Cleaner to soiled area by spray applicator. Allow dwelling for 5 minutes, work area lightly with a wet soft brush to create foam. Apply RiptechTM Cleaner once more and allow dwelling for an additional 5 minutes. Work area for the last time, rinse with luke warm water and wipe dry. RiptechTM canvas cleaner is sold in 750ml spray bottles, the concentrate is also available in 25 ltr drums which will make 125ltrs of cleaner.

RiptechTM Sealant:

Our RiptechTM sealant is the actual resin that we use to manufacture our RiptechTM ripstop canvas. It is available in 1ltr , 5ltr and 20lr tins and in all colours of our RiptechTM range. Simply paint the resin along your seams and allow to dry.