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  • 600D

    600D is a plain weave polyester material that has a pvc backing. This material is waterproof due to its pvc backing, however it is not UV treated and will perish in the sun over time.


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  • Alias

    Alias?is a 100% polyester ripstop base cloth which is dyed using high quality automotive dyes from?Germany?and it has an additional?Teflon treatment in order to enhance its?performance properties.


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  • Contour Stretch Tenting

    Our Contour Range of Stretch fabrics has been designed for the very diverse rental and semi-permanent Stretch Tent market. The fabric used for the Contour products are knitted and dyed on site using only the strongest yarn and automotive grade dye stuffs to ensure durability in the harsh outdoor conditions experienced by these structures.

    Contour Stretch Tenting

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  • Docril

    Docril is a high quality solution dyed acrylic material that is manufactured in Spain. It comes with a 7 year warranty. It comes in a variety of plain colours as well as stripes. This material is waterproof.


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  • Endurer 380gsm Poly-Cotton Canvas

    Endurer 380gsm is a Poly-Cotton blend and comes from India. It’s a plain weave material that is made to endure the harsh conditions of our African climate. This material is waterproof.

    Endurer 380gsm Poly-Cotton Canvas

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  • Endurer 510gsm 100% Cotton Canvas

    Endurer 510gsm is a 3 ply 100% cotton plain weave material. It’s finished with Teflon treatment for enhanced performance.

    Endurer 510gsm 100% Cotton Canvas

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  • Explorer Cotton Canvas

    Explorer is a 100% cotton plain weave material. An additional Teflon treatment has been added in order to enhance its performance.

    Explorer Cotton Canvas

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  • Fibreglass Mesh

    The fibreglass mesh is imported from the USA. This material is fully weldable and is much stronger and more durable than the Chinese equivalent in the market.

    Fibreglass Mesh

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  • Marine Vinyl

    Pacifica marine vinyl has proven its ability to withstand the harsh marine outdoor environment.

    Besides being comfortable and aesthetically pleasing upholstery, it has superior technical advantages which enable the fabric to withstand extreme conditions.


    Marine Vinyl

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  • Narrow Gauge PVC Mesh

    This mesh is made by coating yarn with a pvc resin.

    Narrow Gauge PVC Mesh

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  • Non Slip Mesh

    This mesh is made by coating an E Glass yarn with a PVC resin, it has a sticky non slip finish.

    Non Slip Mesh

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  • Poly-Oxford

    Poly-Oxford is a 100% polyester material that has a PU coating. This material is waterproof but not UV treated.



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  • Poly-Oxford Aluminised

    Poly-Oxford/Aluminised is created by coating the one side of our Poly-Oxford material with a silver resin. It has a PU coating on the reverse side. The silver coating will reflect light away and keep you cool. This material is waterproof.

    Poly-Oxford Aluminised

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  • Polyweave

    Polyweave is a woven high-density polyethylene; it has a UV inhibitor as well as a waterproofing compound. This helps the material to last longer outdoors.



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  • PVC Tarpaulin

    PVC is made by coating a polyester base cloth with a pvc compound. The base cloth gets coated on both sides. It is known as a reinforced PVC.


    PVC Tarpaulin

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  • Ripstop / Foil

    Ripstop/Foil is made by taking 320 gsm Ripstop Canvas and laminating a metalised polyester to the one side.

    Ripstop / Foil

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  • Riptech

    RIPTECH has been designed to deal with the harsh climatic conditions experienced throughout Africa, and will exceed your expectations in both quality and performance.


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  • Riptech Aluminised

    Riptech/Aluminised was created by using Riptech300 and coating the one side with a silver resin. The silver side must face towards the sun in order to redirect as much heat away from the underside of the material. This material is waterproof.

    Riptech Aluminised

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  • Saila

    Saila is a 100% polyester ripstop base fabric that is dyed using high-quality automotive dyes from Germany, it is then laminated to a soft non-woven polyester backing. This material has an additional Teflon treatment for water repellent finish. This material is waterproof.


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  • Super Clear PVC

    The clear PVC is available in 3 weights, namely, 250 Micron, 400 Micron, and 800 Micron. The 400 and 800 Micron are UV treated and suitable for outdoor use. When working with the clear PVC, it is important to cut panels a couple cm’s extra. Once your panels are cut, leave them overnight to shrink down before stitching.


    Super Clear PVC

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  • Tonneau Cover

    The Tonneau cover is a 100% polyester base cloth that is coated either side with a resin. This material is waterproof.


    Tonneau Cover

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  • Trampoline

    This material is made from 100% Poly Propylene. It comes from Taiwan and is of the highest quality


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  • Ventura

    Ventura is a 100% polyester plain weave base cloth that is impregnated with are in. It has an additional Teflon treatment for a water repellent finish and is also waterproof.


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  • Visiglass

    Visiglass is a high quality calendered clear pvc that can be used in applications such as tent windows, blinds and boat/marine canopy windows.


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