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  • 600D

    600D is a plain weave polyester material that has a pvc backing. This material is waterproof due to its pvc backing, however it is not UV treated and will perish in the sun over time.


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  • Endurer 380gsm Poly-Cotton Canvas

    Endurer 380gsm is a Poly-Cotton blend and comes from India. It’s a plain weave material that is made to endure the harsh conditions of our African climate. This material is waterproof.

    Endurer 380gsm Poly-Cotton Canvas

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  • Poly-Oxford

    Poly-Oxford is a 100% polyester material that has a PU coating. This material is waterproof but not UV treated.



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  • Polyweave

    Polyweave is a woven high-density polyethylene; it has a UV inhibitor as well as a waterproofing compound. This helps the material to last longer outdoors.



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  • Riptech Aluminised

    Riptech/Aluminised was created by using Riptech300 and coating the one side with a silver resin. The silver side must face towards the sun in order to redirect as much heat away from the underside of the material. This material is waterproof.

    Riptech Aluminised

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