SAILA – The best cover material for boats.

19th Oct 2020 Off By userwa

As the prized owner of a Bass Boat, Leisure Boat, Jetski or Dinghy, you want to protect your boat while in transit or in storage with the best boat cover material that is available.

You’re in luck!

Saila is a polyester ripstop base that is made with the best dyes in the world, manufactured in Taiwan and laminated in SA with a non-scratch backing to give you the ease of mind when you travel or store your boat for full waterproofing to rugged wear when towing. The soft non-woven backer ensures that your beloved boat or vehicle does not get scratched, it protects the surface against abrasion. This material is lightweight, extremely strong, waterproof, water repellent and has a very high UV resistance.

With many years of development going into our product, you can rest assured that Saila will not only protect your boat but can also be used to cover your patio furniture,  protect the nose cone of your caravan, house your camera equipment, and you can even have a lightweight removable seat cover made for your car!

Yet another fantastic product that is unique to Hayford Traders!

Boat Tip:

Clean Boat Brass With Lemon:

Clean brass with a lemon dipped in salt. Wipe on. Wipe off. Sorted!